Each piece of jewellery in our collection has been carefully designed here in Finland by one of our founders, Hayley, who is a jewellery designer. Jewellery is a form of art and a way to express your own personality. It is an honour to be able to create fine jewellery that can be cherished and worn for generations.

Each love story is unique, and we understand that sometimes our customers would love to have a piece of jewellery which is just as unique and special. We are happy to help to turn your dream jewellery into a reality. 

Step 1

Share Your Wishes And Ideas

When you send an enquiry, we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your dream jewellery with you. Let us know what kind of jewellery you would like us to create, and include as much detail as possible! 

Once we have an clear idea of what kind of jewellery you are looking for, we will offer you an initial quote on your bespoke piece.

Step 2


We will discuss design ideas as soon as we have settled the deposit fee. We will start working on the details of your dream jewellery. We will work closely with you and make sure to check with you throughout the design process. It is really important that we are able to perfectly capture your idea. We will use drawings and/or computer designs to better illustrate the designs, and you can request changes during this stage. 

Step 3

Making Your Jewellery

Once you are 100% happy with the design, we will start creating the physical jewellery piece for you. Our skilled goldsmiths will start working on your jewellery.


Your Dreams, Come True

We will give you an estimate regarding how much time it will take to create your bespoke jewellery. On average, our jewellery takes 4-6 weeks (this is because our jewellery is made-to-order), but if you have a much more complicated design it might take more time.

Once your jewellery is ready, we will deliver your item beautifully packaged!

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