Diamonds are among the most precious of gemstones. When light travels through a diamond it slows down to half speed at 150 000 kilometers per second. Curving into rainbows, the light reflects and refracts off of each facet and is transformed into the brilliant sparkle we all love. The beauty of diamonds is unmatched, whether created for you in the lab or sourced from deep within the earth. 

The Big question

Are Laboratory Grown Diamonds Really Diamonds?

The answer is yes, lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds! Lab-grown diamonds are optically, physically and chemically identical to earth-mined diamonds. The only difference is where they were formed.

Lab-grown diamonds have been grown in special equipment which create the same or similar conditions under which diamonds are formed in the earth.

Our Lab-Grown Diamonds

Even though lab-grown diamonds are grown in controlled environments using advanced technology, it doesn’t mean that every diamond is “perfect”. Both mined diamonds and lab-grown diamonds may have inclusions and blemishes which are unique in each stone.

We have chosen each one of our lab-grown diamond ourselves with great care. The diamonds used in our jewellery are high or fine quality compared to many mined diamonds found on the market. We offer a range of different diamond sizes and shapes, which are more affordable, high quality, and more ethical than mined diamonds. 

When comparing lab-grown diamonds and mined diamonds, it is quite impossible to tell them apart from just looking at them. Gemmologists usually require advanced testing equipment to positively identify lab- grown diamonds.

Diamonds 0.30ct and larger are certified with IGI, so it is clear that they are lab-grown diamonds and not mined diamonds. 

How Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Created?

The methods used for growing laboratory grown diamonds are not new. The first proven lab grown diamond was grown in 1954. However, it took years and a lot of research for the methods to be perfected in order to create gem-quality diamonds which could be used in diamond jewellery.

Even though the methods for creating lab-grown diamonds are effective, they are being constantly improved by lab technicians and scientists.

There are two methods which can be used to create lab-grown diamonds; HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature), and CVD (Chemical Vapour Deposition).

Most of our lab-grown diamonds have been grown using the CVD method.

These methods recreate the necessary conditions in which diamonds grown in the earth. 


Chemical Vapour Deposition technology:

  • A diamond seed is placed in a vacuum growth chamber which contain various gases or carbon material.

  • This material is then heated to extreme temperatures which causes crystals to form on the diamond seed.

  • The diamond is then left to grow for 3-4 weeks. 

  • Once the crystals have grown, they are precision cut and polished by hand. Exactly like mined diamonds. 

High Pressure High Temperature technology:

  • A diamond seed is placed in a specifically designed press. 

  • High pressure and high temperatures are the generated which causes diamond crystals to grow on the diamond seed. 

  • The diamond is left to grow for several days or weeks. 

  • Once the crystals have grown, they are cut and polished by a diamond cutter. Exactly like mined diamonds. 

Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Really More Sustainable?

There is some debate about this question. Lab-grown diamonds are formed above the ground, which means no mining which is much more sustainable for the earth. However, lab-grown diamonds are created by using high amounts of energy and electricity.

Lab-grown diamonds are still a much more sustainable option to mined diamonds. We have sourced each diamond very carefully. Our lab-grown diamonds are 100% traceable and ethically produced. We have great trust in our suppliers, and we are always looking for the most sustainable diamonds to add to our jewellery. 

Certification & The 4C's

Our lab-grown diamonds are certified with IGI. Diamonds that are 0.30ct and larger are have their own certification documents, which our customers receive with their purchase of our lab-grown diamond jewellery. The smallest diamonds are unfortunately not certified.

The real deal

Lab-Grown Diamonds Vs. Simulants

It is important to clarify the difference between lab-grown diamonds, and diamond simulants.

Laboratory grown diamonds are real diamonds. Diamond simulants are made from different materials but they just look similar to lab-grown diamonds.
Diamond simulants are materials such as cubic zirconia or moissanite which have also been created in a lab. These diamond simulants are chemically, physically and optically different from lab grown diamonds.

These simulants are not as hard or durable, which means they are not as suitable for jewellery such as engagement and wedding rings, which would be worn everyday.

Lab-Grown Or Mined, Which Should I Choose?

There is no right or wrong option. The decision is up to you. Both lab-grown and mined diamonds are beautiful inside and out.

Some people choose mined diamonds because of the romanic idea of how a diamond is formed over billions of years. Lab-grown diamonds can be larger and higher quality for a much more affordable price, and lab-grown diamonds are more environmentally sustainable.

The true significance and meaning of your diamond can only be measured by what is important to you. No matter where a diamond was created, be that above ground or below, the beauty and endurance of a diamond will last forever.